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Birth Matters~

If you have questions about pregnancy, birth or becoming a parent, join me for a free Online Childbirth Workshop

So many things have been cancelled or put on hold lately.  But, if you're expecting a baby, there's no pause button.

You still need education and support now.

Join me for a complimentary online empowered childbirth workshop as a gift to the community in celebration of Mother's Day.

You'll learn creative tools and techniques to help you:

*Understand and feel confident about the birth process.

*Cope with stress and pain management.

*Relax and focus on what you can control.

Learn More or Sign Up Now!

Online materials you can access now at your own pace with new lessons released weekly. 

Available through June 13th!

The experience includes video presentations, audio relaxations and meditations, birth art, journaling, printable affirmation cards, worksheets and handouts, live Q & A Childbirth Chat with a Birth Educator on May 26th (will be recorded and available for replay) and more. 

Pre-registration required.

I've been working with mamas and families for 20 years, and I know how important this time is. There's nothing to sell~ I just think it matters.  

If you know someone this might help, please share!

Homeschool Happy Hour with Pamela Llano. Informal chats with experienced homeschool parents

Join me for Homeschool Happy Hour!

If you're one of the many families who are suddenly struggling with crisis schooling, please take a deep breath and give yourself and your kids a big ole hug and also, a giant friggen break. I know these are hard times. Whatever today looked like, you're doing a great job!  

One of the things that most helped my family find our way on our Homeschool Adventure was being surrounded by wonderful & wise people who showed us a wide variety of ways to happily make it work  

I'd love to introduce you....So, I'm hosting a series of very informal video chats with some of the awesome veteran homeschooling mamas I know to share their experience.

I believe that seeing options offers hope. You can find what works for YOU and YOUR FAMILY. It doesn't have to look like someone else's version. One size does not fit all~ in education or life.

Episode 1 of the Homeschool Happy Hour is up now. 

It's about a 30 minute chat, so grab a cuppa your beverage of choice and watch or have a listen!  

Please share if you know anyone who would could benefit. It's a subject near and dear to both of our hearts and we'd love to help if we can.  

(PS. I'm not a film maker in any way~ this was just something that spoke to my heart and I wanted to share some of the blessings that helped me on my journey) Enjoy~ 

Fun Stuff!

Digital Art by Pamela Llano


Sustainable Fashion Design


Author Pamela Llano


Sustainable Fashion Design


Pamela Llano Designs Redding Fashion Week 2019

Sustainable Fashion Design

Sustainable Fashion Design

What Are You Looking Forward to Unfolding Next?


What Are You Looking Forward to Unfolding Next?

What Are You Looking Forward to Unfolding Next?

What Are You Looking Forward to Unfolding Next?

As we all collectively look towards resetting into the next chapter of life post COVID 19, we have a huge opportunity to create many of our new norms as we go forward~ both personally and culturally.

What's really important to YOU, and how can shift your life more towards that?

 What do you actually want to get back to? 

What do you realize you no longer need or want? 

I'm working on an online workshop to help you turn to your next page with more connection, creative solutions and power

~More of YOU in your life.

It won't be your ordinary e-course or art night. 

I'm thinking more like a guided personal experience and virtual women's circle. We'll explore creatively with writing, art and design to help you:

Re-connect with your dreams

Find your way back to your roots

Make empowered choices for how you move forward in life.

Dates TBD    Spaces will be limited in these creative workshops.

Moonlight Art Night online workshop creativity  connection, women's circle, Pamela Llano

Moonlight Art Night

What Are You Looking Forward to Unfolding Next?

Online Childbirth Class

This experience was created because we all deserve something more meaningful than a step-by-step, paint by numbers kind of art class / ladies wine drinking night.

These workshops are both a time to have fun creatively exploring AND a time for connecting in a spacious and unique space. 

 Since we can't circle up in person, I'm working on developing online gathering opportunities with projects that you can do at home while still being connected as part of a group. I think it's going to be amazing!

 Each individual will be inspired to experiment with creative processes and create their own unique piece of art while enjoying great conversation and the collective energy and wisdom that happens when women come together.

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Online Childbirth Education, Empowered Birth Workshop, Pamela Llano, Zesty Mom

Online Childbirth Class

What Are You Looking Forward to Unfolding Next?

Online Childbirth Class

So many things have changed or been put on hold lately.

But, if you're expecting a baby, there's no pause button.

If you have questions about pregnancy, birth or becoming a parent, I'm putting together some online workshops as a Mother's Day gift to the community:


Find out more here:

I'll be sharing creative tools and techniques to help you feel calmer, more ready and confident about the birth process and your role in it.

We'll practice coping techniques for stress and pain management so you can relax and focus on what you can control. 

This community offering is a gift from: 

Pamela Llano~ Certified Childbirth and Lactation Educator and Zesty Mom

Pre-registration is required.


Workshop Reviews Pamela LLano

What People Are Saying About My Workshops

 "Thank you for organizing such an awesome event! My mom and I had a great time!"

"My heart is happy! Thank you Pamela!"


"This was amazing Pamela!...When we left, I felt so relaxed as if I had just had a massage!"

"Very empowering indeed! I feel so re-energized! Thanks Pamela for organizing this! I can't wait for the next one!.

Thanks for stopping by! Did you enjoy your visit?

 I once had a reader in a faraway land tell me they wished they could be buy me a cuppa coffee. 

Well, now you can!  

If you've enjoyed my work, and would like to contribute, your support helps keep the creative  endeavors coming

Donations of any size are very much appreciated! Easy Peasy PayPal link below.

Thank You! Thank You!

Eco Fashion Show, Upcycling, ReFashion, Trashion, Sustainable Apparel, Redding, Whole Earth Festival

The 2020 Whole Earth Fashion Show is on hold!

2020 Whole Earth Festival Postponed

 In light of current events, the tough decision was made to postpone the 2020 Whole Earth & Watershed Festival, which includes the Eco Fashion Show that I've been coordinating.
Organizers were hoping to reschedule before summer, but obviously, a lot is unknown at this point. 

Many of you had attended workshops and were working on amazing, creative ideas  for the show with upcycling, trashion and refashion.

 I hope you'll keep going on your projects.

Sustainable Fashion matters! 

As we move forward, we're more aware than ever of shopping local, supply chain and 

supporting things we believe in.
I'll be sharing updates and info on the sustainable design front here so keep an eye out, and

 sign up for my mailing list to keep in the loop!

In the mean time, check out these short & inspiring video interviews with talented northern California designers Julie Kong  and Gini Holmes (Less than 5 minutes each!) 

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