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Congratulations and Welcome!

Birth is about Creating a Whole New Life

Making a human is definitely one of the most amazing things you can ever do. 

Empowering yourself with education and knowledge of childbirth choices with an open mind and heart can help you step into this next chapter feeling strong and confident about the upcoming birth and your parenting journey.

Join me for this Complimentary Online Empowered Birth Class Series.

So many things are still on hold due to COVID, but there's no pause button on pregnancy. You still need support right now.

Online materials you can access at your own pace are available now with new lessons released weekly and available until June 13th.

Live call in Q & A Childbirth Chat with Birth Educator (will also be recorded)

May 26th at 6 PM Pacific Time

Birth Art by Pamela Llano Zesty Mom
Creative Online Childbirth Education Workshop

Birth Changes Everything

 There's not only the new life of the baby that you're growing~

There's also the new life you'll be creating for yourself and your family.

This new person AND this process you're going through will change your life and the world around you forever. 

This is Not Your Ordinary Online Childbirth Education Class

Pregnant Watercolor Woman 
Birth Art by Pamela Llano Zesty Mom
Online Childbirth Education Class

You Deserve Support

You'll learn tools and techniques to help you:

*Understand and feel confident about the birth process

*Find coping techniques for stress and pain management

*Relax and focus on what you can control 

Experience includes video presentations, audio relaxations and meditations, birth art, journaling, printable affirmation cards, worksheets and handouts, live / recorded Childbirth Chat and more.

Pre-registration required.

Pamela Llano Birth Art Zesty Mom Childbirth Workshops

This is about Whole Life Learning

 One size does not fit all in pregnancy, birth, parenting or life. 

These resources are designed to get you creatively thinking, learning, communicating and making choices for yourself and your family.

This is not the place for generic step-by-step instructions~ 

This is an adventure where you can use education and actions to make your own map and guidebook for the journey ahead.

Modules will be released through the month of May and available for download until June 13th. 

You can go at your own pace and choose what works for you. 

Pamela Llano Childbirth Educator

This Workshop is a gift to the community from: Pamela Llano

Hi~ I'm Pamela Llano~

I've worked with moms, babies and families for over 20 years in many roles including Certified Childbirth and Lactation Educator, Community Health Advocate, Teacher, Author, Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, and Birth and Postpartum Doula. 

I've witnessed and supported many families through the perinatal period, and believe this is one of the most important times in life. 

I'm always honored to be a part of it.

 Please note~I am not a Doctor and not providing any medical advice. 

Always check with your medical provider for specific questions and concerns.